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Here comes the long version XD  Typed night by night at the con XD

Thursday Night

We arrived after a shorter than expected drive; my step-dad drove instead of my mother XD

We checked in after a few problems with security deposits and junk, but it worked out.  We unpacked and marveled at the sight of the planes landing and lifting off at the airport, which is right out of our window.

We went swimming and Dylan pushed a button that he thought was for the hot tub, but sounded a security alarm instead XD  We got it turned off and nothing bad happened, so it worked out.  The pool and hot tub are so small but still relaxing. 

Kit and I wanted to pick up our pre-registration stuff and Dylan tagged along as well.  We saw people in costume even though the con hasn't officially begun yet XD  We snapped some photos of an awesome Dante though =) 

We came back to the hotel room and had dinner, then got dressed up.  Dylan is going to be his super hero character Fuck Yeah and the costume is hilarious.  We then proceeded to terrify a pizza delivery guy (we video taped it too XD  Need to find that on youtube).  We also tried to work some of the kinks out of our costumes, so hopefully all will go well tomorrow.  Nene and Megohime (and Fuck Yeah XD) are the plan for tomorrow.  Hopefully we also get to some good panels as well.  But we will see XD

Signing off at 9:19 PM

Friday Night

Gods, long day.  We DID NOT sleep last night at all, and we were up at about 7 AM x.o  We went to Tim Hortons for breakfast and then wandered around.  We got back to the hotel and vegged for a while, before getting into costume.  Making everything stay properly for Nene and Megohime was a pain in the ass, but I'd say we looked pretty good.  We got a few photos taken and even managed to find a Mitsunari for me to harrass XD  We also found a Cao Cao, a Gan Ning and a Pang Tong =3  Pang Tong was really tall and I don't think I got his photo though o.o 

 We bought some stuff, and I am now finally the proud owner of the Angel Sanctuary anime.  We got a ton of awesome photos =D  Found a Dante and a Nero, which made me realise that I have NEVER seen a Vergil; must find one one day.  We went for another swim, met some friendly weeaboos and befriended them, and then went back to the hotel room to prepare for a rave.

The Japanese techno rave was amazing.  It was so fun and we found random glow sticks everywhere.  Dylan was really good at getting the whole crowd hyped up and led a few techno moshes XD  It was really awesome and we're planning to go to another one tomorrow night.

And because of Dylan/Fuck Yeah, we now call weeaboos Goos XD  It's so amusing XD  Definite awesome youtube vids and photos to follow =)

Hopefully we'll find Random-EXplosion tomorrow =3

Signing off at 11:48 PM

Saturday Night

Already Saturday, lolwhut?  It's going by waaaaay too fast. 

Mikaila cosplay for Kit = big pain.  The bandages were highly uncooperative and curling her hair was a long battle.  We managed though.  No photos taken of us today at all, but we think we walked by a Cain and Mikaila at some point which was funny strange XD

Brain = not functioning right now so everything may be a bit jumbled.  Still no R-EX ;.;  Or Jieyi for that matter.  Maybe dA will give explanations (no internet for me this weekend) or maybe my timing just sucks XD  Probably the second one. (Turns out Jieyi couldn't make it and my timing for R-EX did suck XD)

We ransacked the dealers room again and found Brownie there as well.  Kit bought more Loli stuff and I bought Cain Saga volumes 2-4 pt.2.  Yes, other than food and art, everything I had bought up to that point was Kaori Yuki related XD   I later bought a Jenova's Witness t-shirt from the VG Cats stand (Pass the maiko, praise the mother, all hail Jenova! (screw Hojo, I hate him)).  We had lunch and headed over to the VG Cats panel, which was amusing, if over crowded.  We now know that the answer to faster updates is "fuck yoooooooooooooooooo" XD

We had an early dinner at Swiss Chalet.  I had about 3 refills of my pop, and according to Dylan, the waitress was looking at me as if I had a vacuum for a head XD  We then hurried over to the Sengoku Basara panel to learn that the DVD wasn't working x.o  Also, we could not find any Basara merchandise for some reason.  On the plus side, I found Gan Ning and Cao Cao again, as well as a Zhuge Liang.  We also found one of the Qiao's earlier.  Got some good Soul Calibur shots too.

We then went to the Digimon panel which was the best panel we've seen this weekend.  The discussions were good, the topics were thought provoking and we had a bigger showing than the Pokemon panel =D  Dylan, Kit and I want to do a first season Digimon cosplay next year as well because of it XD  I'll probably be re-watching Digimon in the near future.  The people were just too awesome there.

We went for another swim, saw a former classmate and her boyfriend make out in the pool (thanks, really <<; ) and ignored them XD  More fun people in the pool though; seems everyone we meet in the hottub is friendly and down to earth.  We then went to another rave tonight, but we left after less than an hour because we're all waaay too tired to function properly.  I think that's about it for today XD

Signing off at 11:49 PM

Sunday summary (typed on Monday)
It was weird but good to be back in normal clothing.  It sort of sucked that no one took photos of Cain and Mikaila though; I blame the influx of Lolis this year XD  We ransacked the dealer's room one last time and came out with Digimon plushies and some snacks.  

We spent some time just watching everything happen outside, which was peaceful.  We read some manga, got hit by buns that were thrown by people around us lol and just enjoyed the warm weather =)  I don't fee like talking about the annoyance of check out XD

And photo album: (it has to be copied and pasted to work =/ )

BAck to homework now XD


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