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2016-10-27 06:08 pm


Life has been hectic. Again, still, whichever. New job to start in December and I'm also moving 2 days before that because I bought a house. Big scary adult decisions man. But it'll be so nice to have space; 700 square feet for 2 people and 2 cats is not enough. It's a 3 bedroom townhouse condo so no more snow shoveling for me, since the condo corp takes care of that. It comes with all the appliances and a gas fireplace and I am seriously looking forward to it.

Still can't draw; going to look into massage therapy since the physio has kind of plateaued. Can sew however and I have some preview photos of my Hallowe'en cosplay. I made Moiraine from the Wheel of Time series (the novels got adapted into graphic novels, so I had some concept art to work with).

art by Jeremy Saliba

Obviously I added some embellishments and lost some of the details that made no sense with book canon. No store bought patterns used either; I drafted the entire thing =) Hoping to get some better photos soon but it snowed today so no promises; I don't want to freeze x.x
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2012-11-09 04:19 pm


If you know me from somewhere, comment and let me know where as this is a friends only account ^^;
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2009-05-25 01:01 pm

Anime North 2009

Here comes the long version XD  Typed night by night at the con XD

Clicky )
And photo album: (it has to be copied and pasted to work =/ )

BAck to homework now XD

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2008-11-03 08:55 pm

Tag Journal

From now on, all random quizzes and Stuff will be on the LJ =D  It gives me something to pass the time with XD  Newest will be at the top.

Cut for quizes, tags, etc )
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2008-09-11 09:56 pm
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I will likely never update this. I use my LJ to stalk other people's LJs XD And that's about it o.o

Started to use my LJ. Add me to read it =)